Media Coverage of the Vagina Beauty Pageant

From your favorite late-night talk show to your local news station, the Vagina Beauty Pageant has received its fair share of press, all of which has been surpisingly positive.

Broadly (a division of Vice) gave us A Dispatch From Portland's Vagina Beauty Pageant, while Tits & Sass had Elle Stanger get down and dirty as a judge; check out her her piece titled Judge’s Notes: The Fourth Annual Vagina Beauty Pageant. Even Dick Hennesy's other ventures have been covered by the media, including a Willamette Week Interview with Dick regarding his haunted strip club.

Several news channels and programs (including Tosh.0) covered these now-infamous Youtube videos of Dick Hennessy's "Vaginamobile" stopping traffic in the Portland area. The reactions are priceless:

Have you seen something about Dick Hennessy’s Vagina Beauty Pageant floating around on the interwebs? Please contact us and we’ll put it up here on the website.

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